Customer Testimonials

Here is proof of performance from a selection of our customers.

“When our ancient Kenmore canister vac finally bit the dust, we knew we wanted to replace it with something of similar build and quality that wouldn’t break the bank. A power brush was a must, as we have a cat and carpets that require deep cleaning to remove fur and dander. After much research, we decided to go with the ZeroG and feel our expectations have been well met.

“You get a lot for your dollar in this unit — most canister vacs with a decent power brush attachment run well over $1K CDN, the ZeroG includes this and still rings in at several hundred below that point. The ZeroG is a lightweight, easily portable vacuum that moves over surfaces with ease, comes with attachments to suit every cleaning purpose and is an all-around pleasure to use. The powered stair brush is brilliant idea — I can get the berber carpet on our stairs done in half the time it used to take.

“ZeroG’s communication and service has been exemplary from the beginning, with prompt replies to our pre and post-purchase questions. When our order was missing an extra set of bags that was supposed to have been included as part of a promotion, the company sent us two extra sets to make up for the inconvenience. It’s little gestures like this that make all the difference, going that extra mile shows long-term commitment to customer satisfaction.

“We’re glad to have found this company and would readily recommend them to anyone looking for a affordable, quality vacuum cleaner.”

—A satisfied Canadian customer

ZeroG Floating Vacuum Cleaner living room image

“This vacuum is quiet, powerful, and well designed and constructed. Accessory tools for hard floors, furniture and dusty areas of your home use horse hair, so they do not scratch. It is a breeze to move around the room as it hovers above the floor. And, it cleans better than my Shark and Dyson. Vacuumed carpeting with my ZeroG after using the others, and I was surprised to see all the additional dust and pet hair this vacuum removed. Highly recommend this vacuum.”

“This is seriously the most amazing vacuum I have ever owned! So powerful, lightweight and does an amazing job with pet hair. The stair tool makes vacuuming stairs and especially pet hair off of furniture a breeze! I’ve never had any vacuum work so well on vacuuming pet hair off furniture. Works great on hardwood floors and carpet!”
Shari H.

“Living with a cat means living with cat fur on furniture, bedding, carpeting and more. If you’re allergic to your cat (like I am), it can be very hard. Other vacuums cleaned some of the cat fur, but ZeroG gets it all. I’ve not seen a vacuum able to remove cat hair from the fibers of comforters, sofas and upholstered chairs, carpets, in the crevices of baseboard heating and the like. I can breathe freely in my home because the fur of my fine little friend is easy to remove. Thank you, ZeroG.”
Fran I.

“Vacuuming with ZeroG is so easy. The vacuum floats from carpet to floor and back again and around corners without resistance. It cleans well into the corners. My home is cleaner than when I paid a service to clean. In fact, it cleans so well that I let go of the service and save more than $300 every month. What a welcome surprise! Who knew ZeroG would also save me money for years to come?”
M. Stenz

“I used the Zero G recently on one of our rentals. It was so portable and light, I easily put it into my compact car. While onsite, the Zero G was amazingly fast! I didn’t have to go over spots several times. And! It followed me so quickly I was actually having fun pulling it around. Awesome and powerful Vac!”
T. Stewart

“Got the vacuum as an early Christmas present. LOVE IT!!! Searching for vacuums and reading a million reviews is torture. I came across the ZeroG and knew I had to have it. It flows along the floor (and carpets) so smoothly. Really a fantastic vacuum – costly yes…. but WAY worth it!!!!”
Trisha Vasquez

“I’ve been cleaning homes for around 30 years and worked with many brands of vacuums. The ZeroG is the best vacuum I have ever used! It runs very smoothly and has great suction.”
Isa W.

“We had planned to replace our carpet at considerable expense. But our new ZeroG vacuum groomed and restored the carpet so well that we have decided to keep it. The ZeroG saved us thousands of dollars. What a vacuum!”
Dr. K.N.

“With my old heavy upright vacuum my arm and shoulder would be sore after vacuuming. But with the floating ZeroG and its agile power head, my arm and shoulder feel great! And it cleans better than any other vacuum I’ve ever used.”
Ellie A.